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Product Details

Main structure description of LZ-2600 aluminum ingot casting machine: This unit is operated by right mobile phone
1. Four-wheel continuous casting machine is poured from top to bottom, gravity flow regulating device, crystal wheel and transmission device, pressure roller device, steel belt oiling device, approach bridge, tensioning device, picking device, inner and outer cooling device and Steel belt and other components.
The molten aluminum liquid flows into the upper pouring tank from the holding furnace through the launder, and the gravity-controlled floating plug controls the flow of the aluminum liquid flowing into the lower pouring, and the aluminum liquid is horizontally cast from the lower pouring to the formed by the crystallizing wheel and the closed steel strip. In the cavity, the cross section of the crystal wheel is H-shaped, and the four-side cooling ensures that the ingot crystal is dense and uniform. Internal and external cooling and side cooling are easily removed from the crystallization wheel for cooling water conditioning and equipment maintenance; all nozzles are stainless steel. A cooling water pressure gauge is shown, and the steel belt is tightened to a pneumatic tension (adjustable). The support shaft of the crystallizing wheel is equipped with an internal cooling device, and the cooling water is passed through the nozzle to the inner surface of the crystallizing wheel through the cooling water with a pressure of 0.2-0.5 MPa. The internal cooling is divided into 4 sections of water cooling, and the external cooling is divided into 4 sections of water cooling. The inner and outer cooling are each of two intervals, so that the aluminum liquid is gradually cooled and solidified into an aluminum ingot.
The ingot that has solidified on the crystallizing wheel is removed by the picker and manually sent out along the approach bridge. The pressing wheel device presses the steel strip against the crystal wheel to prevent the leakage of the aluminum metal liquid, and the guide wheel device is used for adjustment. And change the direction of the steel strip. The tension of the steel strip can be adjusted by the tensioner device to maintain a certain tension. In order to facilitate the release of the aluminum ingot, the continuous casting machine is also provided with a steel belt oiling device. Since the entire process is carried out continuously, a large length of ingot can be obtained.



New Dong Dian
Xu Zhou City New Dong Dian Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd.

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In the past ten years, the company has been committed to revitalizing and developing the national continuous casting and rolling industry. On the basis of absorbing and digesting foreign advanced technologies, the company has independently developed a low-oxygen copper rod continuous casting and rolling production line with electrolytic copper as raw material, aluminum and aluminum alloy rods. The continuous casting and rolling production line has been in the forefront of Asia for five consecutive years.
The company's main products are: continuous casting and rolling, aluminum ingot casting, furnace, cold rolling and so on.
Welcome domestic and foreign industry people to visit our company and exchange technology.
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