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New Dong Dian
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Product Details

The equipment adopts a new four-wheel planetary continuous casting machine and continuous casting and rolling process to produce conductive round aluminum rods. The rod diameters are Φ15, Φ12.5 and Φ9.5mm. The production of Φ9.5mm aluminum rods is 15 The rack produces 13 racks of Φ12.5mm aluminum rods and 11 racks of Φ15mm aluminum rods. The continuous rolling mill has the functions of active feeding and stacking rod parking. The outlet of the take-up pipe is equipped with a blow drying device to remove the moisture on the surface of the aluminum rod to ensure the smooth export of the aluminum rod. The circular guide tube adopts a roller guiding structure to reduce the surface scratch of the aluminum rod. The winding method is a centrifugal boring type, so that the aluminum rod is pre-deformed before entering the take-up frame. The utility model has a trolley moving device, so that the disc is not chaotic when the disc is changed, so as to ensure the continuous double disc forming device to take off the line.
Simple process
Melting furnace (user-supplied) → holding furnace (user-supplied) → new four-wheel continuous casting machine → front traction → rolling shearing machine → feeding → continuous rolling mill → double basket winding machine → aluminum rod

Scrap aluminum wire

Casting machine

Closed continuous rolling mill

Aluminum Rod Continuous Casting and Rolling Line

Wire take-up machine
Finished aluminum rod


New Dong Dian
Xu Zhou City New Dong Dian Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd.

Confidence stems from strength

In the past ten years, the company has been committed to revitalizing and developing the national continuous casting and rolling industry. On the basis of absorbing and digesting foreign advanced technologies, the company has independently developed a low-oxygen copper rod continuous casting and rolling production line with electrolytic copper as raw material, aluminum and aluminum alloy rods. The continuous casting and rolling production line has been in the forefront of Asia for five consecutive years.
The company's main products are: continuous casting and rolling, aluminum ingot casting, furnace, cold rolling and so on.
Welcome domestic and foreign industry people to visit our company and exchange technology.
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Continue Casting Direct Rolling Line
Aluminum Ingot continuous casting production line
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Xu Zhou City New Dong Dian Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Add: 7 Tong FA road in the North Development Zone of
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New Dong Dian

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